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A good pharm tech practice exam SHOULD:

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  • provide you with an explanation for every correct answer, so that you know exactly WHY that correct answer is correct
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1. An IV is to be infused at 150 mL/hr. If the tubing delivers 30 gtt/mL, what is the infusion rate in gtt/min?

50 gtt/min
75 gtt/min
150 gtt/min
300 gtt/min

Answer explanation: To solve for the infusion rate, use dimensional analysis for multiple conversions. An extra ratio will be required, which is the conversion factor from hours to minutes. The ratios should be arranged for the units to cancel, leaving the units required. Using the following arrangement, the milliliters and hours will cancel, leaving gtt/min: 150 mL/1 hr * 1 hr/60 min * 30 gtt/1 mL = 75 gtt/min.

A good pharmacy tech practice test should also guide you regarding where you need to study more.

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