Inexperienced Pharmacy Technician in Virginia

I have been a PTCB pharmacy technician, since 2011. I put in application constantly and interviews. I was not offered a job. Hospital volunteering in pharmacies have waiting list. It cost too much in relocating. Even retail want experience for jobs that states "Now hiring for pharmacy technicians - no exp." How can we get experience, if no one wants to take a chance on us.

I wasted $750 taking a pharmacy technician course. Stop making people pay for pharmacy technician courses. These for-profit schools have students in debts for thousands of dollars and no jobs. For-profit schools sometimes don't even offer internships. Board of Pharmacies need to regular and monitor these Pharmacy Technician trade schools. Some of them are not approved programs.

Pharmacy technician field is flooded in Virginia. Pharmacy technician field isn't for me. It was a waste for me applying constantly over five years straight and no job.

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