Moving and Getting a Job in Iowa or Illinois

by Tejal
(Fargo, ND)

If I moved from other state recently, and I am not a certified pharmacy technician yet and only obtain a Pharmacy Technician certificate, what are procedures to get a job in IA or IL?

Response from PharmTechPros: Tejal, it depends on whether you're getting the job in Iowa or Illinois, as each state has its own requirements. Also, let's be sure we're clear on terminology here: certification or a certificate refers to someone who has successfully passed either the PTCE or ExCPT exams. A license is something the state's board of pharmacy issues as a requirement to be a pharmacy technician in that state (note this this only applies to states where the board licenses pharmacy technicians--some states do not require technicians to be licensed).

Ok, now that we've established these fundamentals, let's look at the procedures and requirements in Iowa and Illinois.

In Iowa, you must become certified by successfully passing either the PTCE or ExCPT exam. THEN, you must register with the Board of Pharmacy within 30 days of accepting employment as a pharmacy technician. You can obtain their registration form here.

In Illinois, you must apply for a license to be a pharmacy technician. Certification isn't required initially, but you must become certified (by passing either the PTCE or ExCPT exams) within 2 years of obtaining your Illinois pharmacy technician license. You can apply for your Illinois pharmacy technician license here.

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