Pharmacy Tech Courses:
What Can You Expect?

There is a variety of pharmacy tech courses offered in the different educational programs. Following is a list of the courses you'll encounter in most pharmacy technician educational programs:

First Semester:

  • Orientation to the Pharmacy Technician Career
  • Terminology (Pharmaceutical and Medical)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (typically 2 courses)
  • Professional Pharmacy Skills
  • Pharmacology (typically 2 courses)

Second Semester:

  • Pharmacy Calculations (Math)
  • Retail Pharmacy Operations
  • Law and Ethics in the Pharmacy Setting
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Certification Preparation
  • Internship

The timeframe required to complete these courses is typically around 6 months. When offered to high school students, that timeframe is typically 1 year.

What is the Most Difficult Pharmacy Technician Course? We interviewed an experience pharmacy tech instructor and asked her this question:

A transcript of the video appears below:

PharmTechPros: We’re here with Kristen, who has an intimate knowledge of pharmacy technician education with her 6 years of experience as a pharm tech instructor at a career college. We’re going to ask her a couple of questions. The first question is: With which course did your students have the most difficulty?

Kristen: I found that students usually have the most difficulty with the math portion of the course, pharmacy calculations. It’s just something that they haven’t done before, and it’s using math in a new way that can sometimes be intimidating for them

PharmTechPros: How did you help your students overcome this difficulty?


I tried to make things fun and relate it back to real life to see how they could actually use it not only in the pharmacy world but also in their own lives. So I had them do things like take recipes for cookies or cakes and then convert those over into the metric system so that they could see that it does have real life practicality.

PharmTechPros: Thank you, Kristen!

If you feel that you will have trouble with pharmacy technician math, like so many students do, there are some options to get extra help. You can get some valuable information on our pharmacy technician math page, from one of our Pharm Tech Pros.

And our practice exam includes a healthy dose of calculation and compounding questions to test your math skills.

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