How to Find Pharmacy Tech Jobs
In a Tough Economy

Where are all the pharmacy tech jobs? You’ve heard that the pharmacy field is exploding, and demand for pharmacy technicians is strong. But why are you having trouble finding a job?

There’s no doubt about it: This is a tough job market, even in fields that are said to be “booming.” That means that, as a job candidate, you need to put extra effort into finding a job, just like anyone else out there looking for a job.

The demand for pharmacy technicians is very region specific. Some areas, such as some of the major metro areas in Texas like Houston and Austin, are reported to be “saturated” with pharmacy technicians, with insufficient jobs for the number of techs.

Tips for Finding Pharmacy Tech Jobs

Following are some tips for finding pharmacy tech jobs:

  • If you are still in school, talk to pharmacists at your school, and seek any networking opportunities they may offer. For example, do they know anyone in a local pharmacy that they could refer you to?
  • Many of the chain stores are on a hiring freeze now. Try independent pharmacies instead. Another option is mail-order pharmacies.
  • Working in the hospital setting is very different (and some report that it is a much better work environment) than the retail setting. Offer to volunteer just to get your foot in the door, and get experience. Network with anyone you know who works in a local hospital.
  • Consider learning Spanish, especially if you live in an area with a large Spanish-speaking population. This would give you a huge advantage over other applicants.
  • Pharmacy jobs may be seasonal: There seems to be slow-down in hiring during the summer months, and an increase in hiring during the winter months, when people tend to be sicker and seek medical care (and therefore, prescription medications).
  • If you're not heading to pharmacy school anytime soon, consider applying as a clerk/front store position and work your way up to pharmacy technician. Once you “get your foot in the door” at a store, they are more likely to hire from within.
  • Call temp agencies to register with them. Being a temp is a great way to show a company what you have to offer, and to network within that company.
  • Be persistent, and follow up: Don’t just stop with sending a thank-you letter after an interview. Take an active role in setting up extra interviews with the people who could make a hiring decision. Send weekly faxes to the person who interviewed you. Don’t be a stalker…be professional, and respect that person’s time. Reinforce what you can bring to the job.
  • Network with a pharmacist…ask if he or she would be a mentor. Most people are honored to ask to be a mentor. It shows that you value and respect them.
  • Other networking ideas: Every time you meet someone, find out if they have any connections in the health care field. Perhaps they know someone who works in a hospital, or even a pharmacy. Get creative, and look for every opportunity to get a connection and develop a professional relationship with someone who might help get you a job as a pharmacy technician.

Do you see some common threads? Persistence. Follow-up. Network. Be Professional. These are qualities and tasks facing anyone in a tough job market, including the pharmacy technician job market.

Here are more tips from a pro about landing pharmacy technician positions.

And here are some stories from other pharm techs about how they got their first jobs.

We want you to have the straight scoop from the people who know best, so stay tuned for more articles and interviews with the pros.

Have a Job-Hunting Story?

Have you had trouble finding a job? Share your story, so that you can help and be helped by other pharmacy techs!

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