Pharmacy Technician Wages:
What can you expect?

Pharmacy technician wages are based on a lot of factors. One of the best ways to secure a good salary is to get the right training and education that will, in turn, create the right opportunity for you to make the best wages.

Research is the best way to figure out what you can make. If you begin to look at the salaries that the various local employers are publishing—either online or in the local newspaper—it will give you a good idea as to a wage you can expect.

Pharm tech wages vary from state to state. For example, a scan of "pharmacy technician" jobs on sites such as shows the following ranges:

  • $12/hr in Delaware
  • $10-15/hr in Pennsylvania
  • $13-14/hr in Ohio
  • $13/hr in Florida and New Mexico
  • $11-12/hr in Brea, California—yet $14-15/hr in Redlands, CA
  • $17/hr for a pharmacy tech with experience in compounding IV and chemotherapy admixtures

So, you'll see that the range of pharmacy tech wages is quite broad.

The higher range is likely given to applicants with greater experience and/or with specialty experience (such as the IV/chemotherapy experience example noted above, which garners $17/hr).

Other Considerations in Pharmacy Technician Wages

It is really important to consider the benefits that your job offers. The initial pharmacy technician salary (or hourly rate) that a company offers is only one component of the compensation that they are giving you.

Health insurance is a huge expense for everyone. If you can get a job that offers a comprehensive health care program, it is critical that you weigh the salary that they are offering with the added financial bonus of the insurance.

You can also apply this same logic to such things as retirement, holidays, and sick leave. Different industries require different things of their professionals, and the pharm tech industry is one that will reward your hard work.

Get state-by-state pharmacy tech salary statistics here.

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