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If you start in a retail/community pharmacy your employer will most likely sponsor you for your PTCB certification after going through a specific program designated by them. Upon passing the exam, you qualify for a raise in compensation. Many of the insurance companies want you to be certified before working for them. Most Long Term Care or Warehouse pharmacies pay more than retail and don't require certification. The pay starts out significantly higher but they only pay a minimal amount if you decide to become certified. Also, the amount of a raise you get annually is not as high as with retail so if you stay with a retail company long enough you will eventually pass up the equivalent warehouse or LTC position unless you are promoted at the LTC facility.
Both positions are generally fast paced and in retail it helps to have thick skin and previous retail experience. In my experience with retail, you only get 1 break during your shift which is your 30 min lunch.

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Oct 11, 2017

by: Elena

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