Questions I need to know for a project from Minnesota

-Duration of a prescription, this is the time of state law allows to dispense a prescription from the date that the doctor prescribes it.
-Time of validity of prescriptions controlled narcotics and controlled non-narcotics.
-Does the state permit the prescriptions by telephone?
-Time required by law to archive prescriptions.
-If there is the requirement to include the number of the lot and expiration date in every one of the prescriptions?
-Number of hours of practice required to practice as a pharmacist and a pharmacist assistant?
-Amount of continuing education required to renew licenses and how often?
-Specific subjects of continuing education?
-The existence of a local agency of controlled substances and if it is a requirement of law, belong to a professional association.

Response from PharmTechPros: The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy can answer all of these questions for you. Following is their contact information:
Office: 2829 University Ave. SE #530
Minneapolis, MN 55414-3251
Telephone: 651-201-2825 Fax: 651-201-2837

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