Unknowingly worked on expired license for 2 weeks

by A.K.
(Dallas, TX)

I am not offering tips here but, I am kindly seeking advice/tips from the Pharmacy tech pros. Hoping to receive advice/tips that can help us in this situation.

My teenage daughter has been working as a Pharmacy Tech for a couple of years at a local Pharmacy (National Retail Chain), while going to school. She was very much liked by the staff and her supervisor and was getting to do more and more responsible work. She really enjoyed her work.

At the beginning of this summer her license expired. She was busy with school and did not have time to renew it. She stopped working, and I took her on a couple weeks trip as the school had just ended and I had not spent time with her lately. When she came back from the trip, she applied for the renewal and completed all the formalities, and was waiting for the renewal and still not working, while in touch with her work place. According to her, her supervisor looked up in the state database and saw her name as active license (I am not in that field, so I am not really sure how it all works). They assumed her renewal went through and she started working again.

Well, she was working again for sometime (perhaps for 4 weeks) and one day last week, she was told that she worked for 2 weeks on expired license and she was fired. She is totally devastated. She says she would not be able to work for that chain ever again and she is studying to be Pharmacist. It is very difficult for me to see her in this situation.

I am not sure if it is entirely her fault? Employers (like a big national chain) should have some processes in place to make sure such a thing does not happen (at least when they are recruiting easy-going teenagers, who are not experienced with the gotchhas of life). I am not here to put blame on anyone. I am trying to get some advice/tips.

Is there anyway to reverse this, such as community service or even monetary fine? Appeal with the employer? I guess the appeal with the employer has to be at a higher level and not at the level that made the decision to fire her? Appeal with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy? (I know the Texas Real Estate Board has an appeal process for slips up on part of Realtors. But I do not know anything about the Pharmacy field).

Help, help, please help.

Response from PharmTechPros: I am so sorry to hear of this, and applaud you for seeking help for your daughter. Yes, definitely appeal with the Texas Board of Pharmacy. They should be able to offer advice, and maybe even be a liaison with the employer. Wishing you and your daughter all the best!

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