Pharmacy Tech FAQ

Pharmacy Tech FAQ

Ask a question or answer a question here, on our pharmacy tech FAQ page. Use the form below to submit a question, or follow the instructions to answer someone else’s question. Help and be helped! Please note that if we have already answered a question before, we may refer you to that question instead of … Read more

What is the Role of a Pharmacy Technician?

The Role of a Pharmacy Technician

The role of a pharmacy technician is varied, and the responsibilities are determined by the pharmacy setting in which the technician practices. A pharmacy technician is a health professional who plays an integral role in the pharmacy. In all settings, a pharmacy technician assists the pharmacist in distributing medication to patients, whether working at a … Read more

PTCB Practice Test Questions

PTCB Practice Questions With Answers

Introducing the Pharmacy Tech Pros PTCB PRACTICE TEST! We have a brief quiz for you: Are you ready to get a better job? Are you ready to make more money? Are you ready to feel good about your life? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are ready to successfully pass the … Read more