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I enjoyed the “mix” of the exam; it was very true to the PTCB exam. I especially liked the explanations given with the answers. Knowing the reasons make me remember logically, not just from memory.”

–M. H., Santa Clarita, CA

Our exclusive practice test is written by instructors who have administered and overseen the successful path students like yourself can achieve by successfully passing the test.

Let our experts help YOU pass the PTCB test NOW. Don’t wait! Your future is in your hands. Don’t let yourself and your loved ones down by missing this opportunity.

Let our experts help YOU pass the PTCB test NOW. Don’t wait! Your future is in your hands. Don’t let yourself and your loved ones down by missing this opportunity.

Never before has there been an opportunity for students to see how a PTCB test is actually structured. Are you nervous that you’re not prepared for the test? Are you worried that you don’t know what the test will look like when you sit to take it?

Truth be told—You should be nervous. Many students spend their hard earned money to take the test and fail. That really sucks. NEWS FLASH: You now have to achieve an even higher score (1400 of 1600) in order to pass. This was effective November 1, 2013, and was part of the changes the PTCB made to the exam.

You are smarter than that, and you have a secret tool that can eliminate any worries about whether you’re ready to pass the test.

Sample Question from our PTCB Practice Test

A prescriber has asked the pharmacy to dispense a volume sufficient to dose 500 mg of a liquid suspension four times a day for a total of 20,000 mg. If you had 250 mg/5 mL suspension in your pharmacy, how much volume would you need, and how many days would the supply last?

a. 400 mL, 15 days

b. 400 mL, 10 days

c. 450 mL, 20 days

d. 40 mL, 5 days

The correct answer is 400 mL for 10 days: 20,000 mg/500 mg = 40 doses, 40 doses/ 4 = 10 days. In order to get to 500 mg per dose, you need 10 mL of the 250 mg/5 mL suspension. Daily, each dose would be 10 mL X 4 times a day X 10 days= 400 mL.

More FREE sample questions are provided below!

Our team of experts has shared their years of experience through candid interviews and articles in clear, easy to understand language throughout our site.

All of this information comes together in an actual sample of the test.

How long do you want to put off testing your skills? The answer is simple: DO IT NOW!

Your practice test will reflect the following categories per the NEW PTCE blueprint:

  • Pharmacology for Technicians (13.75%)
  • Pharmacy Law and Regulations (12.50%)
  • Sterile and Non-sterile Compounding (8.75%)
  • Medication Safety (12.50%)
  • Pharmacy Quality Assurance (7.50%)
  • Medication Order Entry and Fill Process (17.50%)
  • Pharmacy Inventory Management (8.75%)
  • Pharmacy Billing and Reimbursement (8.75%)
  • Pharmacy Information Systems Usage and Application (10%)

As you can see, there is a lot to know.

With the thought of “keeping it real” we structured the test with the same number of questions that the real test has — which is 90.

AND we developed the right number of questions for each category.

You cannot prepare with a more accurate PTCB practice test.

As if this wasn’t enough — we went one step further. All of the right answers are provided with an explanation as to WHY it is right.

No more guessing why one answer is right and the other wrong. Everything is explained in simple, easy-to-understand language.

What another customer said about our PTCB practice test:

I found the practice exam very helpful because it gave me confidence and helped me overcome test anxiety…I recommended your website to my sister and brother as they are studying for the exam right now.”

–P. H., Pflugerville, TX

We have provided hundreds of students with the tools to succeed–and we want you to be next.

We take your success seriously, and we are constantly developing new tools for you. One of these new tools is an expanded study guide that provides secret tips and techniques that you can use to study smart. Some of these techniques are new and are not widely known or used.

This means that you will have another weapon in your fight for success.

This new study guide will soon be available on our site, but we want you to know that we want you to succeed NOW before it’s finished… So we want to give you a chapter of the book that is specifically focused on passing the PTCB practice test.


That’s right. A special interview with Ms. Ellen Schaefer — who is an item writing specialist for the actual PTCB test — will share her top four tips for success.


Here it is.

4 Tips for the PTCB Practice Test

A PTCB practice test is absolutely vital if you are looking to pass the exam. But it’s not the only thing you can do to ensure your success.

Following are 4 insider tips from a writer for the actual PTCB test. We also include FREE sample PTCB practice test questions from the expert writers here at

Ellen Schaefer

by Ellen Schaefer, CPhT, RMA, CPT
Item Writing Specialist for the PTCB Test

Taking and passing the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) is the single most significant career choice a pharmacy tech will make. It is professional measure of an accumulation of knowledge and expertise in your field. Please don’t miss this opportunity.

My belief is that everyone is a test taker. It is all about the preparation! Part of essential preparation is taking a PTCB practice test.

A great many pharmacy techs have learned pharmacy by immersion. The bulk of their knowledge is through on-the-job experience. Retail pharmacy techs need to learn the hospital pharmacy niche and likewise.

Those pharmacy techs who have come through an educational program have been primed for test taking. This does not, however, replace the raw repetitive knowledge a tech gets on a daily basis while working.

There are many study resources available. And a practice test is at the top of that list.

How to Make the Most of a PTCB Practice Test

Here are study tips that work:

  • Study and review over a period of time. It solidifies your knowledge.
  • Learn the computations. Proficiency in pharmacy math is important.
  • Pharmacy is a metric society—know your conversions.
  • Remember that the national exam tests Federal pharmacy law only.
  • Take a PTCB practice test (like the one you can purchase on this page). It helps to get used to the language and the format.

What happens when you read a question?

Instinctively, you want to get to that answer as fast as possible and move on to the next one.

Instead, look at the question very carefully. There’s a good reason for this.

Multiple choice questions — and more importantly, their answers — are written in a very specific manner.

For example, if they are asking for the answer to be dosed in grams, the entire question might have information in milligrams. One of those answer choices might be dosed in milligrams.

This isn’t meant to be unfair. It is a way to make certain that you operate with a high degree of accuracy.

A doctor has prescribed amoxicillin to be taken three times daily for a total of 750 mg per day for a 10-day course. How many grams will be dispensed?

a. 7,500

b. .75

c. 75,000

d. 7.5

Use the following equation to arrive at the correct answer, which is 7.5 grams:
750 mg x 10 = 7,500 mg
7,500 mg/1,000 is 7.5 grams

PTCB Practice Test Question from

Exam questions are written in levels of difficulty. Don’t read too much into a basic question. A basic question is just asking for basic information, nothing more.

But there are also questions written with layers.

For example, a question might ask you to calculate the days supply for an antibiotic along with a volume of drug needed. During your pharmacy practice, these issues are commonplace.

I often compare the pharmacy terminology to a foreign language at the very beginning. It seems so overwhelming at the onset.

Most pharmacies have a “Top 100” list of drugs that are dispensed. This is a useful group to focus on.

Be careful of the sound-alike drugs, such as fexofenadine (generic Allegra) and fluoxetine (generic Prozac). The first is an antihistamine and the second is an antidepressant.

Questions on the exam often bring up a list of drugs and ask which one out of the four is an antidepressant, for example.

Another PTCB Practice Test Question from

Which of the following medications is an antihistamine?

a. Fluoxetine

b. Paroxetine

c. Fexofenadine

d. Citalopram

The correct answer is fexofenadine, which is the generic name for Allegra.

The Elephant in the Room: HIPAA
HIPAA is the single greatest legal impact in medicine. Pay close attention to the part it plays in pharmacy. Many questions lean into how a pharmacy tech interacts with a patient and what is allowed in conversations.

For example, when you study and find a particular computation hard to do, create that study guide first.

Then, review this briefly each time as your studying progresses.

It’s amazing how quickly difficult becomes routine. This leads me to my next tip…

My parting words:
From the moment you commit to taking this exam, never doubt your ability to succeed! Your confidence and positive attitude will help a lot.

You’ll increase your confidence significantly by taking a PTCB practice test. You can buy our inexpensive practice test below.

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