How to become a pharmacy technician in Tampa, Florida

Tampa Florida pharmacy technician opportunities

Behind Jacksonville and Miami, Tampa is actually Florida’s third largest city with 384,959 citizens in the 2020 census count. These stats are always slightly misleading since it depends on exactly where the city limits are located. The entire Tampa-St. Pete-Clearwater area, or Tampa Bay greater metro area, has a population of over 3.2 million. Pharmacy … Read more

The Truth About the Retail Pharmacy Technician Job

The Truth About Retail Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Being a retail pharmacy technician is a challenging endeavor. Why? There are many reasons, which we’ll describe here. We recently were contacted by someone about to go into their first job as a retail pharmacy technician. “I am currently a pharmacy tech student and I believe I may be hired into a CVS Pharmacy soon. … Read more

Pharmacy Technician Job Interviewing Tips

Pharmacy Technician Job Interviewing Tips

Here are some valuable pharmacy technician job interviewing tips that will make your interview stress free. When hiring a pharmacy technician, I have the “perfect” person in mind. The Perfect Pharmacy Tech Resume I am looking for someone who is nationally certified, with 2-3 years of experience. This object of perfection would have a resume … Read more