Utah Pharmacy Technician License Information

Looking for information about Utah pharmacy technician license requirements? Following are some important facts you need to know about what you need to obtain your Utah pharmacy tech license.

Updated in 2022!

Does Utah regulate pharmacy technicians?

Yes, the state regulates pharmacy techs.

Is certification required to practice in Utah?


What certification exam(s) is/are approved by the state?


When is licensure with the state of Utah required?

Before practicing as a pharmacy technician.

Is licensure required?

Yes, you do need to obtain a valid Utah pharmacy technician license.

Is training required?

Yes. The training can either be on-the-job training or through a formal training program. For on-the-job training, a notification form must be submitted for approval PRIOR to beginning the training. This form can be downloaded here. For a formal training program, the program must have been approved by the Utah Board of Pharmacy. The only exception is to have worked 1,000 hours in the past year as a licensed pharmacy technician in another state that requires licensure for pharmacy technicians.

What do I have to do to become licensed?

  • Submit an “Affidavit of Supervising Pharmacist Responsible for Practical Training Program” form (if you received on-the-job training) OR submit official transcripts (if you completed a formal training program). Note that in the latter case, the transcripts must be sent directly from the approved formal training program or in a sealed envelope with the school’s stamp/seal on the envelope flap.
  • Have your current PTCB or ExCPT certificate in hand.
  • Submit a completed take-home “Pharmacy Technician Law and Rule Examination” (this is attached to the application).
  • Bring your completed application in-person to the Division of Occupational Licensing (DOPL), located at 160 E. 300 S., Main Lobby, Salt Lake City and complete electronic fingerprinting using DOPL’s equipment. Alternatively, you may submit three fingerprint cards by mail using Form FD-258, which the DOPL will use to search BCI and the FBI.
  • Submit a written pharmacy technician application to the Utah Board of Pharmacy requesting registration as a pharmacy technician (find online application here).
  • Include the non-refundable application fee of $100.

Are there Continuing Education (CE) requirements?

Yes – 20 contact hours per renewal period. Of these 20 hours, at least 1 hour must be in laws and ethics and a minimum of 8 hours must be live. Note that current certification with ExCPT or PTCB also satisfies the CE requirements.

How often is renewal required?

All licenses expire September 30 of every odd-numbered year. It is NOT based on the licensee’s date of initial licensure. Each renewal cycle thereafter is for a full 2 years. Renewals can be done online here.

What should I do if I change jobs or change my home address?

You may update your address online in the eGov system here. Click “Licensing” > “Change Your Name/Adress” and you’ll be able to login.

Essential Contact Info for Utah Pharmacy Technicians

Utah Board of Pharmacy

Utah State Board of Pharmacy
160 East 300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Phone: (801) 530-6628

Professional Association for Utah pharmacy technicians

Utah Pharmacists Association
The Utah Society of Health System Pharmacists
State Flag of Utah
Be a proud Utah pharmacy technician!

Utah Q & A

Required Internship Hours (UTAH)

by Belle

How many pharmacy internship hours are required to become a licensed pharmacy technician in the state of Utah?

Response by PharmacyTechPros: Thanks for your question Belle! We’ve been trying to find the information for ourselves but couldn’t find a definitive answer. I’d advise you to contact the Utah State Board of Pharmacy and ask them.

Good luck!

Length of time to get license

In Utah, how long does it take to get my license once I have applied?

Response from PharmacyTechPros.com: There is no turnaround time specified on the Utah Board of Pharmacy website or application, so we recommend contacting them directly:


Utah State Board of Pharmacy

Phone: (801) 530-6628

Also, the application requirements are quite extensive in Utah, so we recommend reviewing the requirements carefully and ensuring that you submit all required information in order to expedite your application.

Good luck!

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