Michigan Pharmacy Technician License Info

Looking for Michigan pharmacy technician license information? Following are the important facts you need to know about the requirements for pharmacy technicians in Michigan.

Updated in 2022!

Does Michigan regulate pharmacy technicians?

Yes! Michigan is now regulating pharmacy technicians.

Is certification required to practice in Michigan?

You are currently not required to have a certification, but this may change in the future.. We encourage you to visit the Board of Pharmacy site (link below).

When is registration required?

See the Board of Pharmacy site for changing guidelines.

Is licensure required?

Yes, all pharmacy technicians must be licensed in order to practice since 2015.

What do I have to do to become a pharmacy technician in Michigan?

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent or currently be a high school student in good standing.
  • Have no criminal convictions related to controlled substances.
  • Possibly submit to a physical examination, including a TB test.
  • Possess good reading, writing, and thinking skills.
  • Apply directly to retail pharmacies, hospitals, large clinics, or medical centers for a position as a pharmacy technician.

Is training required?

No, however, on-the-job training is generally provided by employers.

Which employer based training programs are approved by Michigan’s Board of Pharmacy?

The following employers have an approved pharmacy technician training program:

  • Rite Aid Corporation
  • Meijer Inc
  • Omnicare Inc
  • CVS Health
  • The Kroger Co of Michigan
  • Walgreen Company
  • SpartanNash Inc
  • Target Corporation
  • Pharmacy Services Inc (Program without exam)
  • Walmart and Sam’s Club
  • Diplomat Pharmacy Inc
  • Smidi Drugs
  • Harding’s Pharmacy
  • Campbells Pharmacy
  • Family Health Center Inc (Program without exam)

Are there Continuing Education (CE) requirements?

Yes. Per Michigan law for pharmacy technician licensing, Sec. 17731.(b): “a licensee seeking renewal of a pharmacy technician’s license [must] furnish the department with satisfactory evidence that during the 2 years immediately preceding application for renewal, he or she has attended at least 20 hours of continuing education courses or programs.”

How often is renewal required?

Every 2 years.

What should I do if I change jobs or change my home address?

You must notify the Board of Pharmacy.

Other good info to know about Michigan pharmacy tech requirements

  • The Michigan Career and Technical Institute helps those with disabilities gain career skills. Qualified students may spend up to three semesters training for a career as a pharmacy technician.
  • A technician may only perform pharmacy functions that do not require professional judgment.
  • The supervising pharmacist is responsible for all actions of the pharmacy technician.

We recommend joining the Michigan Pharmacists’ Association (MPA). The advantages and benefits they offer members are impressive. Their mission is to provide support, advocacy, and resources to improve patient care, safety, health, and the practice of pharmacy. One of their strategic issues in the legislative arena is to ensure that all pharmacy technicians have the knowledge, skills, and abilities (that is, they are competent) to practice in the state of Michigan. Listing your membership in MPA on your resume will also be appealing to any potential employers. It shows that you are committed to excelling in your profession.

Essential Contact Info for Michigan Pharmacy Technicians

Michigan Board of Pharmacy

Office: 611 W Ottawa, First Floor
PO Box 30670
Lansing, MI 48909-8170
Telephone: 517-335-0918 Fax: 517-373-2179

Professional Association for Michigan Pharmacy Technicians

Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA)
Michigan State Flag
Be a proud Michican pharmacy technician!

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