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Looking for New Jersey pharmacy tech information? Following are the important facts you need to know about the requirements for pharmacy technicians in New Jersey.

Does New Jersey regulate pharmacy technicians? Yes.

Is certification required to practice in New Jersey? No.

What certification exam(s) is/are approved by the state? PTCB (PTCE) and ICPT (ExCPT).

When is registration required? Before beginning employment. However, you can be employed as a “pharmacy technician applicant” for a period of 180 days before being registered.

Is licensure required? Yes.

New Jersey Board of Pharmacy
Office: 124 Halsey St
Newark, NJ 07101
Telephone: 973-504-6450 Fax: 973-648-3355

Professional Association for New Jersey Pharmacy Techs:
New Jersey Pharmacists Association (NJPhA)  

What do I have to do to become licensed?

  • Be 18 years old or older.
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Show proficiency in spoken and written English.
  • Submit a written pharmacy technician application to the New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy requesting registration as a pharmacy technician (apply online here).
  • Include the nonrefundable application fee of $35.
  • Include a passport-type photo.
  • Submit to a criminal background check.
  • Answer application questions related to citizenship and immigration status and good moral character.
  • Have the application notarized.
Is training required?

 No, however, job requirements and the training required to fulfill them are at the discretion of the employer.

Are there Continuing Education (CE) requirements? No. If you are nationally certified, however, maintaining your certification requires CE (twenty units of continuing education every 2 years).

How often is renewal required? Biennially. The renewal fee is $70. The Board will send a renewal form 60 days prior to the date of renewal or you can download the renewal form here).

What should I do if I change jobs or change my home address? Report the change to the Board in writing within 30 days or online here).

Other good info to know about New Jersey pharmacy tech requirements:

  • Technicians must wear nametags identifying themselves as pharmacy technicians and display their registration certificates at all times while working.
  • A technician may only perform pharmacy functions that do not require professional judgment.
  • The supervising pharmacist (or pharmacist-in-charge) is responsible for all actions of the pharmacy technician.
  • The supervising pharmacist may supervise a limit of two pharmacy technicians in the pharmacy. The ratio of 2:1 may be exceeded if each pharmacy technician is certified by a board-approved program.
  • A pharmacy technician is allowed to manage the pharmacy for half an hour at a time while the pharmacist has an on-site lunch break.

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