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Looking for Oklahoma pharmacy technician license information? Following are the important facts you need to know about the requirements for pharmacy technicians in Oklahoma.

Updated in 2022!

Does Oklahoma regulate pharmacy technicians?


Is certification required to practice in Oklahoma?


What certification exam(s) is/are approved by the state?

None. However, individual employers may have requirements regarding national certification

When is registration required?

Prior to registration, you must complete Phase 1 of a Pharmacy Technician Training Program. After registration, you then begin on-the-job training, which must be completed within 90 days.

Is licensure required?


What do I have to do to become licensed?

  • Be employed in a pharmacy.
  • Complete Phases 1 and 2 of the Pharmacy Technician Training Program. Both phases are under the supervision of the pharmacy manager in your place of employment.
  • Submit a written pharmacy technician application to the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy requesting registration as a pharmacy technician (application info and forms here).
  • Include the nonrefundable application fee of $40.
  • Submit an affidavit affirming citizenship, lawful permanent residence, and/or immigration status information.
  • Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED.

Is training required?

Yes, the supervising pharmacist oversees on-the-job training and keeps the appropriate records of the training.

Are there Continuing Education (CE) requirements?


How often is renewal required?

Annually. Pharmacy Technician registrations expire on the last day of your birth month. The renewal fee is $40. You may renew online here). The Board will mail out reminder postcards 60 days prior to the expiration of your permit.

What should I do if I change jobs or change my home address?

Report the change to the Board.

Other good info to know about Oklahoma pharmacy tech requirements

  • Technicians must wear nametags identifying themselves as pharmacy technicians and display their registration certificates at all times while working.
  • A technician may only perform pharmacy functions that do not require professional judgment.
  • The supervising pharmacist (or pharmacist in charge) is responsible for all actions of the pharmacy technician.
  • The supervising pharmacist may supervise a limit of two pharmacy technicians in the pharmacy.

Contact Info for the Oklahoma Pharmacy Technician Organizations

Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy

Office: 4545 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 112
Oklahoma City, OK 73105-3488
Telephone: 405-521-3815
Fax: 405-521-3758

Professional Association for Oklahoma Pharmacy Technicians

Oklahoma Pharmacists Association (OPhA)
State Flag of Oklahoma
Be a proud Oklahoma pharmacy technician!

Oklahoma Q & A

Pharmacy Technician


If you start in a retail/community pharmacy your employer will most likely sponsor you for your PTCB certification after going through a specific program designated by them. Upon passing the exam, you qualify for a raise in compensation. Many of the insurance companies want you to be certified before working for them.

Most Long Term Care or Warehouse pharmacies pay more than retail and don’t require certification. The pay starts out significantly higher but they only pay a minimal amount if you decide to become certified. Also, the amount of a raise you get annually is not as high as with retail so if you stay with a retail company long enough you will eventually pass up the equivalent warehouse or LTC position unless you are promoted at the LTC facility.

Both positions are generally fast paced and in retail it helps to have thick skin and previous retail experience. In my experience with retail, you only get 1 break during your shift which is your 30 min lunch.

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It’s a little awkward getting started

by Johanna
(Oklahoma City, OK, USA)

The requirements are that you must be employed in a pharmacy in order to apply and receive a permit. You aren’t allowed to do much in the pharmacy until you receive the permit so you mostly will do computer based training or, in retail, cashiering until your permit arrives in a few weeks after completing and passing the open book test and application for the permit.

Most pharmacies will pay for your permit or at least reimburse you for it. If you’re worried about the mail arriving to you (especially if you have kids or roommates) then you can opt to have the permit mailed to your employer’s address. Once you get your permit then you can start actually filling prescriptions but until then you are considered a clerk or Pharmacy Cashier.

Response from PharmacyTechPros.com: Thank you for your input Johanna. We agree with you, focus on getting the permit as soon as possible! Great tip on having it mailed to the employer, that way it won’t get lost.

Best of luck!

Career Path

by Joey
(Oklahoma City, OK, USA)

Ok, so I started in pharmacy as a cashier, then became a technician and now I am a certified technician. So, what’s the next level now and how do I get there??

Response from PharmacyTechPros.com: Hey Joey, thanks for your question. Congratulations on your certification! Hopefully it’s showing up in your paycheck as well.

Now, when it comes to the next steps in your career I’d like to direct you to this article: How to become a pharmacy technician instructor. In addition to paying better, the change of pace from retail to teaching can be really rewarding.

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