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Registration renewal help

No jobs


Registration for pharm tech programs

License renewal help


What to do if you change jobs


Grandfather Clause

Pharmacist-to-technician ratio?


How to handle an expired license?

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How do I advance now? 
I have been a pharmacy tech since 2013 and have worked retail and LTC. I recently became certified. It seems as though now there's no more advancement …

How far back will they go criminally as far as records go when trying to register as a pharm tech? 
I got pulled over approximately 12 years ago around the age of 20 for paraphernalia. Mind you I was a teenager practically, but would they still find this? …

Transferring Licenses from One State to Another 
For those who need to transfer their current pharmacy technician license from one state to another, you must contact the Board of Pharmacy in the state …

Intercom Plus Help? 
I recently started a pharmacy tech job at Walgreens. It is a very busy pharmacy so it has been hard to stop and take notes. Does anyone know tips they …

I am a felon Not rated yet
Can I still go to school and get a pharm tech license being a convicted drug felon? RESPONSE FROM PharmTechPros: Unfortunately, no--a drug felony …

Curious question! Not rated yet
If being certified is a requirement for a position, do I qualify if I’m grandfathered in? Also, can they force me to get my certification within a certain …

Can I become licensed as a pharmacy tech with a 10 year old misdemeanor dui charge in Ohio? Not rated yet
I received a misdemeanor dui in June, 2009 in Ohio. Can I still become a licensed pharmacy tech? It's over 10 years old.

How can a current DUI conviction effect your job as a pharmacy technician? Not rated yet
How can a current DUI conviction affect your job as a pharmacy technician?

Career Path Not rated yet
Ok, so I started in pharmacy as a cashier, then became a technician and now I am a certified technician. So, what's the next level now and how do I get …

Grandfathered Not rated yet
Can you be grandfathered in as a certified technician?

Pharmacy technician Instructor education? Not rated yet
I am a pharmacy technician for couple of years and have a graduate degree. What education helps me to get a instructor job. Thanks

Displaying of License Not rated yet
In Ohio, is it required by law to have anyone who is PTCB certified, license on display in a pharmacy?

Looking for a career  Not rated yet
I was convicted of a misdemeanor in the state of Texas for DWI. I am trying to see if I can become a Pharmacist Tech or Phlebotomist. I wanted to be a …

Can I still be licensed with a dui? Not rated yet
Hi, I was recently convicted on a dui charge (misdemeanor) in California. Would this disqualify me from becoming licensed? Response from …

Pay increase tiers Not rated yet
What are the pay increase tiers within a pharmacy technician role? This includes but is not limited to IV/Compounding Certified, Lead Technician, trainer/mentor, …

lpn Not rated yet
i am a lpn with a state lic. does that qualify me to become a pharmacy tech? Response from PharmTechPros: Hi Micheal, It depends on the state you …

Pharmacy Tech Age Maximum? Not rated yet
I am thinking about going to school to become a Pharmacy Tech. What is the maximum age for becoming a Pharmacy Tech? Response from …

License Renewal If Not Working as a Pharm Tech? Not rated yet
If I accept another job (not as a technician - outside the pharmacy) can I keep my license current just by doing CE and paying the fee or do I have to …

Can you become a trainee with previous certification? Not rated yet
Can you become a pharmacy technician trainee if you have been certified before? My license expired in 2012. Response from It depends …

Last Name on a Name Tag Not rated yet
Is it a requirement to have your last name or last initial on a name tag? Response from PharmTechPros: We're not positive about this, but it seems …

Certification or License of a Pharm Tech thats a convicted felon Not rated yet
If a pharm tech graduate has a class 4 felony of attempted money laundering, can they still get their state or national certification or licensed as a …

License possibility with a drug-related DUI conviction Not rated yet
If one has had a drug-related DUI conviction can he still study the pharm tech program, become certified, and obtain a license? Response from …

I may accept position at another pharmacy in the state of Maryland. What do I have to do to work in the new location? Response from …

want to learn automated dispensing machine Not rated yet
I am pharmacy tech in Illinois. i want to learn how to implant pharmacy automation dispensing machine. I have bachelor in art also. please give me advice. …

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NRI Not rated yet
What are the formalities to attend a exam for Non Resident Indian? Will you please help me. Response from We recommend contacting …

Do you have to have a GED in order to get a pharma tech certification? Not rated yet
Do you have to have a GED in order to get a pharma tech certification? Response from In Missouri, it does not appear that a GED …

Do I need to work as a Pharm Tech or attend a PhT school to be eligible to take PTCE? Not rated yet
I'm going to prepare on my own to take the PTCE but I'm not working in the pharmacy and did not attend PhT school. Am I eligible to take an exam? …

Need to Re-take Exam for Recertification? Not rated yet
Are you required to retake the exam to continue certification? Response from PharmTechPros: Melody, we assume you are referring to the requirements …

Moving and Getting a Job in Iowa or Illinois Not rated yet
If I moved from other state recently, and I am not a certified pharmacy technician yet and only obtain a Pharmacy Technician certificate, what are procedures …

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